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We provides the service: Venue Design, Corporate Identity Program, Customer Relationship Program, Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Packaging Design & Solution, Corporate Gift & Premium, Advertising Campaign, Advertorial Write-up, Copy writing Press Materials, Media Interview & Relations, Media Placement, New Angles Creatio,  Decoration & Production,Exhibition Booth Design & Production, Lighting & Sound System, Event/Stage Backdrop, Sign board & Props Production, Corporate/ Promotional Video Production & Photography, Award Ceremony, Corporate Annual Dinner,Grand Opening Ceremony,Exhibition/ Tradeshow Planning, Forum/ Seminar, Inauguration Ceremony, Product Launch, Press Conference, Shopping Mall Event and Brand Building

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event management, pr event, event production
event management, pr event, event production
event management, pr event, event production
event management, pr event, event production
event management, pr event, event production
event management, pr event, event production
event management, pr event, event production
event management, pr event, event production

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PR service


New Angles Creation

Developing compelling news angles is important in gaining maximum exposure from a press release. We can help you develop creative approaches and unique ways to present the facts about your company or brand to attract maximum media attention. We provide the following services:  

Planning and developing compelling news angles

We will find creative news angles to maximize the impact of your press releases and raise interest in your brand and product To achieve this we will leverage press releases, media interviews, press conferences and seminars using creative angles on topical news.  

News angle analysis and execution

We will analyze each innovative news angle to assess its practicality and likely effectiveness in increasing media attraction.   For more information on developing compelling news angles please consult Bling Communications.


We provide a complete professional copywriting service for all your marketing, advertising and PR materials. From concept, to outline planning, content, editing and final proofreading, we can deliver everything you need. Whether we are developing a marketing plan, a corporate video, website or advertising campaign, our professional copywriters will study the positioning of your product or brand, your target audience and your specific needs in order to deliver tailor-made marketing communication materials that bring you the results you want. We specialize in the following copywriting disciplines:
  • Press releases
  • Corporate brochures
  • Commercial documents
  • User manuals
  • Sales publications
  • Drafting marketing promotions
  • Web content
  • Online advertising

Press Materials and Press Release

Professionally produced and informative press materials are vital to the success of any public relations event, press release or conference. We not only prepare impactful press material and press release, but also arrange effective media placement. We provide the following services to help maximize your promotion.  

Preparation of press materials & Topic press release writing

Our professional team prepares questions and text for press release materials according to your needs. We describe the culture of your brand and provide detailed information of your products to produce high-quality press release materials that help you develop exceptional public and media relationships.   Contact us to assist with your press materials.

Corporate Gift & Premium

Our creative design team will design unique corporate gift and premium for you that will help grow your corporate appeal. Our services include:
  • Designing gift and premium that combine brand characteristics with gift practicality and consumer appeal
  • Assessing production costs and building the best advertising effect at the lowest cost
  • Creating innovative gifts that enhance your popularity
  Contact us to find out more about our corporate gift and premium service.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has a direct impact on corporate image, and has become one of the determining factors in evaluating any corporation. We can assist you in planning and executing an effective, relevant and meaningful corporate social responsibility programme. We provide:
  • Market investigation and corporate social responsibility analysis
  • CSR solution: position, direction and goal of social responsibility
  • Promotion and execution of CSR project
  • Evaluation and analysis of CSR effect
  If you want to improve your corporate social responsibility performance give us a call.

Event Management

Venue Design, Decoration & Production

Venue Design, Decoration & Production

Design and production of event venue decorations is an essential element of successful event management. Bling Communications provides a one-stop, continuous chain service that includes planning, designing and production of your venue decorations to transportation to site. We cover every aspect in detail including:

1.  Venue Design

Our designers will create a unique, customized venue design based on your event concept to satisfy all your expectations.

2.  Venue Decoration

We provide a one-stop, continuous chain service from venue and decoration design, to production of the event decorations, to transportation and delivery to the site.

3.  Stage Designing

Our design team is expert in capturing and holding your guests’ attentions with exciting on-stage visual effects, and venue decoration.

4.  Stage Production

We support every aspect of stage production including technical support, lighting and sound systems and other stage equipment. Contact Bling Communications for more details on venue design, decoration and stage production.

Exhibition Booth Design & Production

High quality, professional productions and innovative designs for events and exhibitions is our main focus at Bling Communications. A well-designed, eye-catching booth is important for a successful exhibition and our booth production and set-up system for both outdoor or indoor exhibitions is one of our key services. Bling Communications is highly experienced in event production and branding campaigns and we have a glowing track record which includes productions for “Bandai”, “Nu Pharm” and “ENICAR”. Whatever your product, message or service, we can create an exciting design plan to meet your needs. Bling Communications provides: 1.  Exhibition designs with distinctive characteristics and effective product positioning 2.  Professional production of exhibition, event and venue decoration 3.  Organized and efficient decoration of exhibition booths

Lightings & Sound System

With our advanced event sound system and lighting system, we can create stunning visual and audio presentations for you. We offer:  
  • Lighting Systems and Services
    Our professional lighting team is highly experienced in multi-function lighting equipment to ensure you provide the most effective and memorable visual presentation to your audience.  
  • Sound Systems and Services
    We provide various kinds of professional event sound systems to help you create a feast of sound for your attendees.   Contact Bling Communications for more lighting system and event sound system information.

Corporate Annual Dinner

Corporate annual dinner is a critical function,and a stylish, inventive and well-organized dinner can not only have a positive effect on your brand image, but also make a huge difference to corporate morale and customer/business partner confidence. Marvelous rundown and performance makes participants enjoying fully in annual event and increase corporate image. However creating a magnificent corporate event like annual dinners in house can take time and may often be a real burden to busy staff with extra event planning and organizing tasks on hand. Bling Communications, as an event organizer and planner, can help you deliver an annual dinner to be proud of by offering the following event management services:
  • Technical support such as professional stage lighting and sound systems, video displays, backdrops and other supporting material
  • Guest arrangement, MCs and entertainment shows
  • Catering arrangements
  • Guest reception
  • Planning and arrangement of ceremonies
  • Script writing and event organization
  • Videos and photography of the evening for follow up to staff, clients and other attendees

Event/Stage Backdrop, Sign board & Props Production

Professionally developed props, backdrops and signage are vital to adding atmosphere and detail to any successful event. Our design team can help you develop unique, eye-catching presentations and props and deliver them on site to your desired location. For building better atmosphere of live show and make the event much more wonderful, we can provide a series of stage props like backdrop and advertising sign board.   With fully-furnished props, experienced artists, skillful site layouts and efficient transportation, Bling Communications is your ideal partner for a perfectly presented event.

Award Ceremony

A magnificent award ceremony can make an event truly unforgettable. And few companies can help make your presentation as impactful, memorable and glamorous as Bling Communications. As event management,organizer and Bling Communications will spare no effort to help you deliver an award presentation you can be proud of. We can also handle all the essential technical details for you too, including the event sound system, venue decoration, lighting and audio-visual services, props, backdrops and supporting material. And to keep your audience glued to your presentation right to the end, we can also provide supporting performances such as dancers, magic shows and games. Our award ceremony management and planning services include:
  • Experienced and multi-lingual Masters of Ceremonies (MCs)
  • Script writing for the MC
  • Award arrangements

Grand Opening Ceremony

Grand opening ceremony such as the official announcement of a new brand can be critically important to the first impression of a brand, product or service on the market.   At Bling Communications, our event organizer can offer celebrity visits for grand opening events, a red-carpet service,and ribbon cutting ceremony, press invitations and press releases.   Our experienced and professional event management and planning team will design, plan, decorate and deliver a Grand Opening Ceremony based on your exact requirements.

Exhibition/ Tradeshow Planning

An impressive presence at an important exhibition and trade event can increase awareness for your brand, aid consumer and trade recognition and be a vital first step to gaining new customers. Bling Communications offers high-quality professional event management services for exhibitions and trade shows including:
  • Concept, design and decoration of your venue
  • Exhibition booth design, planning and production
  • Organizer of Ppromotional activities of exhibition and tradeshow
  • Presentation equipment including visual and sound systems
  For an impactful exhibition or trade show presence, contact Bling Communications.

Forum / Seminar

Business forums and seminars are key channels for meeting other partners or corporations in your industry, exchanging ideas and exploring new business opportunities. A well-run and inventively presented forum or seminar can be a golden opportunity to meet new partners and develop new business leads. At Bling Communications we excel at being event organizer for high-quality forums and seminars and we provide a variety of key services including:

1.  Planning and promotion of forum and seminar

We will develop a suitable event plan based on the scale and features you need

2.  Professional arrangements

We will handle all elements of your forum or seminar to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. We will also prepare emergency plans for unexpected contingencies.

3.  Equipment

We offer every element of advanced meeting equipment from lighting and sound systems, video displays and on-the-day technical support Contact Bling Communications for more forum and seminar information.


Inauguration Ceremony

Bling Communications is an experienced organizer for event planning and management. In addition, we also supply all the on-site technical support you may need from live video to sound systems, special lighting or any other supporting props, material, backdrops or venue decoration. Whatever you require to ensure a first class ceremony and improve your corporate reputation we can provide. With our extensive experience and considerable service resources, Bling Communications can help you plan and organize a memorable and effective inauguration ceremony for your committee members and guests. Our services include:
  • Comprehensive inauguration ceremony plan
  • Organization and management of inauguration ceremony details
  • Decoration of event venue
  Contact Bling Communications for more inauguration ceremony information.

Product Launch

Product launches are highly specialized events and at Bling Communications we have both the experience and the track record to help you deliver a memorable and effective launch.   From concept, to design, production and delivery of venue decorations, sound, light, and visual systems, to press releases and video recording of your event we provide a seamless, one-chain continuous service from start to launch including:  

Design and decoration of venue

Our event organizer will plan and prepare the design and decoration of your venue on the basis of your product launch needs and deliver all materials to the venue.  

Press release

Our event planner will organize press release writing and delivery and event management, helping you to comprehensively describe your new product for the media  

Sound system and other equipment

We offer high quality sound and light systems for maximum impact of your presentation.   For more product launch event planning and management information please contact us.

Press Conference

Press Conferences are vital in keeping the media and public informed in any successful marketing campaign. A smooth and well prepared media kit and reception increases media satisfaction as well as enhancing your corporate image. Bling Communications is highly experienced organizer in planning press conferences. Our event organizers will provide the following event management services:
  • Press releases, speeches, promotional materials
  • Venue and stage layouts
  • Layout and presentation of products, tables, chairs, microphones, signs, sound system, lighting system, etc.
  • Live broadcast services and photography services

Brand Building

An effective corporate brand building effort can boost sales as well as brand recognition. To create the most compelling brand message, we develop a suitable branding image and management plan based on your brand identity.  

1.  Branding Strategy Analysis

First of all, our professional team will investigate and analysis your market, your target consumers and your competitors’ sales strategies in order to develop a powerful, relevant and practical brand building strategic plan.  

2.  Self-Positioning of Brand Image

We will analysis the advantages and disadvantages of building your brand image first and then make a brand management plan to meet the demands of your target consumers.  

3.  Brand Identity

Our experienced brand identity design team will create a visual identity for your brand based on your corporate brand values to enable you to build the most effective image for promoting your brand.   Contact us for more information on corporate branding and brand building strategy for you.

Shopping Mall Event

Many shopping malls organize activities or campaigns at key festivals each year such as Chinese New Year, Easter and Christmas These events can help to both attract and retain consumers as well as boosting sales for tenant businesses. Our professional event organizers has a rich record of planning and holding campaigns and seasonal events in various shopping malls including stage events, off-stage programmes and redemption and media placements. Our event management services include:

1.  Festival celebration plans and decorations

We provide creative festival planning and decoration ideas for your promotion, to enhance appeal and impact

2.  Stage events and other promotional activities

We help pull in and retain more customers with exciting stage events and promotional activities.

3.  Redemptions

We organize gift redemption programmes which can improve consumer response and purchasing levels.

4.  Media placement

We use sophisticated media tools and technology to convey production information more comprehensively. For more shopping mall event details, please contact us.

Media Placement

To ensure that you stand out for your advertising campaign, we will plan and execute a strategic media placement plan that can help you build market share and increase revenue. Our media experts will deliver customized services in support of any media effort to establish and promote your products/services in the most effective manner. In addition, by using specialist media monitoring tools, we can assist you in keeping control of your media strategy timetable, while offering the flexibility to adjust your media plan as necessary. We provide well-established media placement services which include:
  • Media market analysis
  • Media targeting
  • Media selection and the design of media solutions
  • Execution and implementation of media planning
  • Advertising campaign budget control
  • Media monitoring and effectiveness analysis
  • Strategic analysis of other competitors’ media plans

Media Production

Corporate/ Promotional Video Production & Photography

We provide a continuous, one-chain service for corporate/ promotional video production and photography. From concept and idea generation, to script writing, voice-overs, shooting and editing to the final ready-to-air production, we cover every aspect of the process.   Whether you are looking for a corporate or promotional video a presentation for an NGO or academic institution, our professional team can deliver the high-quality result you need.   Our stills photographers are also highly-experienced in handling both large and small scale events or products and providing the memorable corporate and promotional photography and product shooting that you need.

Corporate Identity Program

A powerful and instantly recognizable corporate identity is an effective way to improve business growth and enhance market competitiveness. We provide brand identity building services, which include:  

1.  Brand Identity Design

We will shape and design a corporate brand identity based on the evaluation of your brand that will contribute to your long-term corporate development.  

2.  Corporate Identity Promotion

We provide corporate identity promotion services including advertising, networking, photography, packaging and other campaign elements.  

3.  Corporate Identity Management

We will assist you in adjusting your marketing strategy and building a brand advantage, through an improved brand identity.

Advertising Campaign

With our rich experience in online and offline media operations and advertising campaigns and direct marketing, the advertising planning team of Bling Communications is offering an ever-growing range of fully integrated services. In order to fulfill our commitment to bring you low-cost, high-benefit advertising, we now provide a one-stop advertising campaign service such as online advertising, newspaper advertisement, print advertisement, outdoor advertisement, magazine advertising for your events, products and branding. Below is our full range of advertising campaign services: Above-the-line services:
  • Print advertising campaign for magazines and newspapers, Television, radio
  • New media advertising campaign for outdoor and online
Below-the-line services:
  • Sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations (PR), sponsorship
  We also provide market analysis, targeted consumer group strategies and campaign planning to meet your specific objectives.

Packaging Design & Solution

In today’s hyper-competitive sales environment, outstanding packaging design is more important then ever. Every element of packaging from the logo, to the text, and the overall design to the choice of patterns and colours reflects on your brand and impact of your products. Powerful packaging can make your product distinct, unique and irresistible.   Since packaging is so important, you need an experienced design service with both creative ideas and rich marketing experience. That’s where our team at Bling can help.

Customer Relationship Program

We place a particular emphasis on exceptional customer relationship management (CRM). Our CRM programmes are ideal for resolving customer relationship problems and include the collection of customer information to follow - up investigations. We provide the following services:
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and communication and management plans for existing customers
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions including information gathering, validation and transformation for potential customers.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for after-sales, customer complaints and follow–up investigations
  Contact us for more about our CRM solutions.

Media Interview & Relations

Positive public relations play a key role in media planning. We have both the knowledge and communications experience to fully assist with your media interviews and lobbying efforts. We can integrate a total programme of press releases, press conferences and media placement to maximize the effectiveness of your public media relations. Our services include:

Media relations management

  • Building up and maintaining media communications
  • Media gathering and press releases
  • Media planning and execution
  • Media receptions

Media interviews

  • Preparation of media interview materials
  • Arrangement of media and follow-up
  • Media placement

Advertorial Write-up

Advertorial is a kind of paid advertising editorial that appears in magazines or newspapers. Compared with formal advertising, advertorials cost less and have many other advantages in brand communication.   Our advertorial Write-up services include copywriting, press materials, media interviews and lobbying. We also provide advertorial write-up services for marketing development. Our professional team edits and prepares questions and texts for the advertorial content according to the needs of each client.   Contact us for more advertorial Write-up information on how our outstanding advertorial team can help you with high-quality branding campaign services.
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